trademark industry

Units are the currency for the nation of Silverberg,
a country of significance from
God, Man, and The Machine,
and The Terrors of Wonder.  **

Rather than physical commodities such as gold or animals et al,
Units are instead representative of hours of work.

A picture of the unit appears in
The Terrors of Wonder:

        - From the Terrors of Wonder

The 'face' is the emblem of Axel Industries,
which then is also a picture of Silverberg's conical ziggurat, the AIC or 'Ace'.
(a more elucidating link is forthcoming).
2070 is the year the coin was struck.

The 'back' side of the coin is a map of the circular country of Silverberg -
a map which lay directly under the value of the coin
(in this case, 1 hour of work).
The equals U or =U is the symbol of the Unit, the country's currency.
The coin explains that you can consult the mainframe
(which is effectively Silverberg's private internet)
by looking up currency, then unit.


I decided to have actual coins made. 
I substituted the address of in place of the mainframe instructions;
it seemed the appropriate thing to do as the mainframe does not exist in this world and therefore cannot be consulted.

I did not intend to sell them, although they certainly can be purchased. 
If you should like to purchase a unit:
I can accept 10 dollars,
however technically one should pay exactly what they make for an hour at their primary job.

** Silverberg is implied in both Stegosaurus the Triceratops and Visceral Outcries of a Social Moron,
although the latter only in that components of VOSM are referenced in The Terrors of Wonder;
It is equally noteworthy that
Stegosaurus the Triceratops references components of The Terrors of Wonder.