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Here is the music for 'Glory to Silverberg' - The national anthem of Silverberg.
(Silverberg is a country that is heavily discussed in God, Man, and The Machine
and The Terrors of Wonder).

Glory to Silverberg page 1Glory to Silverberg page 2Glory to Silverberg page 3

Library of Congress Registration # PAu 4-004-906

If you would like to hear what it sounds like:

Units are the currency for the nation of Silverberg, a country of significance from
God, Man, and The Machine and The Terrors of Wonder.

Rather than physical commodities such as gold or animals et al,
Units are instead representative of hours of work.

A picture of the unit appears in
The Terrors of Wonder

Unit - From the Terrors of Wonder

The 'face' is the emblem of Axel Industries, which then is also a picture of
Silverberg's conical ziggurat, the AIC or 'Ace'.

2070 is the year the coin was struck.

The 'back' side of the coin is a map of the circular country of Silverberg -
a map which lay directly under the value of the coin (in this case, 1 hour of work).

The equals U or =U is the symbol of the Unit, the country's currency.

The coin explains that you can consult the mainframe
(which is effectively Silverberg's private internet)
by looking up currency, then unit.


I decided to have actual coins made. 
I substituted the address of Mirroranium.com in place of the mainframe instructions;
it seemed the appropriate thing to do as the mainframe does
not exist in this world and therefore cannot be consulted.

Reciting the Mayflower Compact

An impromptu lecture I gave on writing and literature.

Here is my first woodworking project:
"The Puzzle Box"

puzzle box 1

puzzle box 2

puzzle box 3
Here is my second woodworking project:

An "American Girl" loft bed for my daughter.

Loft bed a

Loft bed b

I published "Apostle,"
a strategy and tactical Christian board game,
on December 14, 2022

Click here to purchase a copy

top of box

bottom of box