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  God, Man, and The Machine

God, Man, and The Machine

A story of symbols.

A book of philosophy and fiction.

318 pages.

First Published
on September 2, 2013

Synopsis:  An uninteresting man of mistaken importance struggles to understand his role in life.

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Library of Congress Registration # TX 8-478-802
ISBN (Softcover): 978-0-9859964-3-7
ISBN (Hardcover): 978-0-9859964-7-5
ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-947052-99-4


This imaginative and thought-provoking book of quips, reflections, and antagonisms reads in the spirit of science fiction. 
The author deems it “philosofiction”. Δ

*   *   *
The year is 2066.
Silverberg, the world’s youngest and undisputedly most powerful country, generally entertains only the most prominent visitors and immigrants.  However, this year it has intentionally attracted an otherwise uninteresting young man of average station.   When the powers that lured him cannot find him, the hunt  begins. 
Misunderstanding his importance, multiple operatives of high station and various loyalties race to find him.  As time progresses, the intensity thickens.  Those who join this man find their own lives disrupted and changed forever, swept up by the storm surrounding him.
While he means no harm to anybody, his pursuers will not rest until he is found and destroyed.  It is only a matter of time.  Bombarded with varying opinions about the truth, this man struggles for discernment and understanding, but what he believes cannot save him - or can it?

*   *   *
Pragmatic dogma, theology, and atheology collide and argue in the background as we follow this unhero through a quick, comedic, dark, and philosophical journey of determining what he is - deciding between God, Man, and The Machine.

This 316 page volume includes maps, art, footnotes, appendices, and more.

Δ   Phi·los·o·phy
    Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or
     values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.
    A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not
     necessarily based on fact.