trademark industry

Mirroranium -

is a website dedicated to the embellishment of my literature and art.
It is additionally used to direct interested individuals toward merchants,
whom by which they might then obtain or investigate the aforementioned. 
Finally, it is also used as a means to tie all of my web activity to a single hub.
(Facebook, Youtube, Email, Vimeo, et al.)

Daniel Strasel -

Daniel Strasel and Stegosaurus the Triceratops

Born in Toledo, OH on September 15, 1973
Sole progeny of
a family of polarized pumpkin eaters
  a seditious milk maid
 a rebel coal miner
a blind tax collector
 an eccentric, yet intelligent nurse named Sue. 

He emerged into life a genuine, happy child. 
Soon thereafter, he grew into a brooding and self-centered adolescent. 
A wild, ambitious, and impressionable young adult was followed by a confused, frightened, and purposeless man.  
Following his tweens he finally found humility, discipline, and compassion before his overdeveloped sense of self-importance destroyed him completely. 

I just wanted to make some art.  I hope you like it.
"There is nothing I deplore or detest more than having to repeat myself,
yet I derive no earthly joy greater than hearing myself repeated."
"If another human being could offer to me a sense of justification
it would be because they purchased and/or perused my literature. 
To you, I extend my most sincere and humble thanks.

...if only for the reading this very sentence.